Change Starts With You

The Issue

However, the greatest one this year has arisen amidst a year of chaos. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that is known to weaken the immune system and leave the infected vulnerable. It is transmitted through contact with the infected or proximity to infected. The presence of a vaccine will not eradicate COVID-19 as a threat. It is predicted that it would require months of logistics, planning and proper execution in order for us to revert back to our normal state of life. Therefore, the citizens need to take action to aid in this effort.

The Vision

Social distancing and quarinting protect ourselves and the society. It is important for us to be aware of the threat COVID-19 poses. This website intends to inform the citizens of Indonesia of the threat of COVID-19 and how to avoid it. By raising awareness of COVID-19 and providing guidelines to protect themselves and others.

The Need

The website is needed as a hub of information for citizens. The website contains information relevant to counter the pandemic including news, trackers and etc. This website will encourage action. Action will be the most essential factor in subduing the spread of the pandemic and ensure the safety of the people.