Who Am I?

My name is Alano Davin Mandagi Awuy and I am a student at Binus School Simprug. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and I have known this place as my home for a long time. I have a deep passion for technology and coding. I found it interesting how people could automate tasks and hurdle over problems using technology. It also fascinates me of how fast it advances to become more accessible and powerful. Therefore, for my grade 10 Personal Project I decided to take up web design as my challenge and COVID-19 as my topic.

Why I chose to make a Website?

I chose to make a website because I had a great interest in technology and coding. I would say I am an amateur at web development and design. Regardless I have always found web development to be interesting because of how versatile it is. I, like many others around the world, are sitting and waiting for this pandemic to pass over. But I realized that it was more complicated than just waiting. As time passed I saw that people in my own country were falling victim to COVID whether that be through the loss of life or even economic struggle. Everyone has been affected. I believe that there are still those who were like me and don’t fully grasp COVID. Therefore, I made this website full with information I deem essential to understand COVID and how to protect themselves.

Who I consulted?

I am glad to have ms Ravinder as my Personal Project supervisor to help guide me in the process and answer my questions. I also consulted Mr Athens, the Personal Project coordinator, for help with the project and my topic. I had help from my older brother when it came to coding and development of my product. I consulted many online resources to perfect this product, mainly youtube tutorials and guides.

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